Tuesday, November 22, 2011

FWD Contest

You might remember FWD Day. Through social media, the day brought 117 million forwards of the online campaign to raise awareness on the famine crisis in the Horn of Africa. Now you have a chance to deepen this impact with your own ideas for the Famine, War, and Drought campaign.

In collaboration with USAID, GOOD and the Ad Council, the contest encourages Americans to submit ideas for raising awareness of the crisis in the Horn of Africa. The individual or group that submits the winning idea will be awarded $5,000 from GOOD to implement the proposal. 

Proposals can be submitted between now and December 2nd at 12noon PST at http://fwd.maker.good.is. Americans will be able to vote on which proposal should be implemented.  USAID and the Ad Council will feature the winning project on their digital and social media networks.

You can view submitted proposals here: http://fwd.maker.good.is/projects


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